Hailing from Canada, soul singer Lou Laurence performed an exclusive set for us at ClashBAR! Check out our two videos of our interview and live acoustic performance with Lou and some of her performance – enjoy!

About the Artist

Lou Laurence is a soul-singer making blues-folk-pop music in Montreal. She has a big soul voice described as “positively feral” and “warm and soulful” (Brendan Kelly – Montreal Gazette, Jim Di Jiola). Her songs combine deep soul sounds, witty lyrics and catchy melodies accompanied by modified electric and acoustic baritone ukuleles.

She has had multiple residencies in bars in Montreal and performs regularly in various venues in the city. Since 2015, she has also been performing, touring and recording with DJ Champion. She was featured on 5 tracks on his 2016 album, Best Seller, and contributed lyrics to 6 tracks. In June 2017, she launched her Deer Lou EP at Montreal’s legendary L’Oblique record store.











The Artist