Hannah Myers stayed with us and on two fantastic Comic Jams. Whats a Comic Jam, I hear you ask? Well it’s a gathering of comic artists (and comic fanatics) drawing stories together to create one of a kind comics.  How does it work? Each participant starts with a blank sheet of paper and draws the first panel of a comic. Once they’re done they pass it to the next artist artist who draws the next panel and so on. It’s an exercise in creativity and it’s a great chance to get creative while being social.  Drawing comics can be isolating for a lot of artists, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!  Hannah will be facilitating the art making and the conversation, markers and paper will be provided but please feel free to bring your favourite drawing tools.

Check out her video below:

About the Artist

Hannah is a comic artist, illustrator, cat portraitist working out of Vancouver, B.C. She spends her days working for Gorman Studios (a decorative art studio), and nights in her comic studio at Cloudscape Comics.  Her personal work is drawn from real life and is often autobiographical in theme.  Hannah enjoys exploring weird, confusing, funny and friendly relationships through a slice of life style narrative.  She’s currently working her way through her entire dating history and publishing it online for free through her webcomic Misery Loves Company.  Hannah is the Secretary on the board of Cloudscape Comics Society, which is a non-profit comic arts studio and meeting place for artists based in Vancouver.  She manages the Zine Machine (the in house print/copy station) as well as planned and hosted workshops in the studio. In her free time she’s a cat tamer, knitting fiend, coffee addict, book sniffer, and cheese enthusiast.

The Artist

Hannah Myers

Hannah Myers