On 16th January 2019, we were joined in ZincBAR by the self written acoustic band Lost Cabin. Playing all their own songs with a Jazz, Swing, Country, Rockabilly style. They were amazing to listen too and a pleasure to have play with us.

About the Artist

How about chattering coconuts (kattaklop, kattaklop), spoons (trrrrikketikketik), washboard (rakketpakketak) together with dueling ukuleles (ploink ploink), kazoos (retteteeh) and a snare with suitcase-kick? And then there is a mandolin, banjo, crying violin (sob) and a home-made washtub bass. That is the sound of Lost Cabin; your pure bittersweet swinging country music with luuvsick songs (wink-wink) and whipping murder ballads (aaaarrrrg!).

The Artist