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A stay in a new city should be all about exploration and discovery. And if you’re staying at Clink, this starts right at the hostel door. ClinkCREATIVE is our collection of programmes set up to engage guests and local communities with artists, musicians and creatives in exciting cities.

The flow of art and music brings our buildings to life, generating a dynamic atmosphere for guests to soak up and new things to discover. The programmes create and share value and experiences and each aims to:

  • Offer creatives/artists a place to create/produce/perform and an audience to explore their work
  • Promote upcoming artists and bands through the Clink Community and beyond
  • Bring unique pieces and performances of art, creativity or music to guests and the community. Often exhibiting work that would otherwise be completely unseen
  • Engage and connect artists, travellers and the local community such that a unique shared experience is createdWe invite musicians to play a gig and stay for free! Artists can put on workshops in our C-Lab and exhibit to an eclectic bunch of guests who pass through the hostels every day. Creatives can come and stay for free in return for a canvas, written work or a room piece. Local artists and performers can bring their ideas to life in our spaces and engage with an audience of curious explorers. Check our our various programmes pages to see which might be right for you.

ClinkCREATIVE is all about exchange. We are keen to work with artists and creatives who are serious about their work and who are looking for ways to develop their practice.

If you think you’d be like to be a part of ClinkCREATIVE, please fill in the form below as thoroughly as you can. If you have any questions then drop us an email:

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