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Performer and producer 7 Billion Hera will be stripping things back for her set at our very own ZincBAR. She’ll be performing an intimate set for hostel guests in her own unique style … this is a set you won’t want to miss.

About the Artist

7 Billion Hera is an Electronic Pop artist who’s live performances are theatrical and immersive. In a full stage performance each and every audience member is included in a multi-sensorial experience, incorporating touch, taste, sight and scent.

Her stage name honours the 7 Billion humans on the planet – and everything good that they stand for!

Event Report

We loved 7 Billion Hera’s performance at ZincBAR and managed to catch up with her post-show for a quick chat about her and her music. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about 7 Billion Hera, when it has been created and what is the idea behind it?

I started producing music about a year and half ago. At that time, I met a record producer living in Brooklyn New-York and I started coming to hand with lyrics and chords that I would write on a piano. With him I would start programming in his studio. However, I was not totally satisfied with the way we worked, so I started to do it by myself. I finally learned, after so many years of being scared of the program, to produce myself. So, it took off from there.

Where does your artist name ‘7 Billion Hera’ come from?

The idea of 7 Billion Hera is that I don’t want to create a separation between myself and the audience. So, there are 7 billion people on the planet and I feel that we are all the same, we all have the same emotions, the same desires intimately, thus I really hope my music engages everyone. About Hera, Hera is a mythological Greek goddess who’s married to Zeus. He betrayed her many times; that’s why a lot of my lyrics are quite bitter, it’s a lot about relationships and all that. She’s also very strong, she has a lot of power. I feel quite strong these days and I really love when artists are making music that makes me feel strong. That is something that I really needed it in different times of my life, so I wanted to give that back to people. I want to make music that when people play it they feel that they can command their life again.

What are your influences? Where do you get inspiration from?

Honestly, in terms of song writing and flows, I’m still at the stage where I cannot write the songs I deeply want. Many times I have an idea of what I want but somehow things always come out very differently. Now about my inspiration, fortunately or unfortunately, I’m inspired by Beyonce [laughter]. I dance and act as well so, I can’t help it! I just like how strong she is and I think she has a beautiful voice.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Until now, I have recorded two EPs so I will try to release those in the coming two and half years. So in five years, I hope I will have released even more of them. But the most important thing for me from now on is to have as many people around me as possible. I have always worked very independently for a long time, traveling the world. I’m very independent but I don’t really mean to be. So in five years I would like to have more people involved in each project I do; that is what is the most important to me.

How did you find our ClinkCREATIVE program Stay & Play?

Though the singer song-writer Will Whisson who stayed at Clink in October! I haven’t actually met him, but for some reason I stumbled across his blog and he was very clear about where he was playing and how he got those places. He was actually taking a similar road as mine, so I kinda just looked up where he played and I emailed him about that. While normally I have been alternative in my track, this time it was nice to have this support.

Would you like to share something more?

Follow me on social media and in particular my Instagram which is called 7billionhera.com! I share a lot of stuff without curating it, and the more people like it this way, the more I know I’m on the right track. And finally, I’m planning on doing a single release tour in summer around Europe, I want that to be great!

The Artist

7 Billion Hera

7 Billion Hera