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In 2017, Penny came to our Clink blogger event in Amsterdam and since then has written an array of fantastic articles, including Staying at ClinkNOORD in Amsterdam, our Vegan Christmas DinnerExploring Amsterdam Noord and Exploring Amsterdam Central. And of course, not forgetting Penny’s Amsterdam To Do List 

If you want to read more of Penny’s fabulous work, check out her blog 



About the Artist

Essex born Penny lives with her boyfriend, Ben, a dog and two cats, and writes about travel, lifestyle, health and well being.

Penny stayed with us in London at Clink78 back in 2015, and wrote about her time in one of our prison cells, so have a read here if you’re thinking about staying in one of these rooms yourself!

The Artist

Penny Fordham – Blogger

Penny Fordham – Blogger