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Flying all the way from Vancouver Island, Alexandria Maillot will be serenading the ClinkNOORD CatalystCAFE on Wednesday 10th October at 2 pm, then taking to the stage at the ZincBAR on Thursday 11th October at 8pm.

About the Artist

With over a decade of songwriting experience and musical performance under her belt, Alexandria Maillot is a seasoned veteran in her own right. Even though she may only be 25 years old, her lyrical narratives, infectious vocal timbre, and elegant guitar playing show that age is nothing but a number. Defining herself as a ‘Swoon Rock’ artist, her unique blend of southern rock and old country all wrapped up in a 90’s aesthetic, has led her to be compared to some of the music industries heavyweights including Feist, Stevie Nicks, and Alabama Shake’s Brittany Howard.

Providing the perfect accompaniment to an autumnal Amsterdam, Alexandria Maillot is one not to be missed.

The Artist

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