About this Event

Animator / illustrator / designer Carolina Cruz, AKA ‘LuciLux’ will be coming to ClinkNOORD to illustrate the walls of one of our private rooms. Over the course of four days, she’ll be working her magic in room 326. Carolina won the opportunity to come and paint with us through our Stay & Create competition, run in collaboration with KLIK Animation Festival.

We fell in love with her quirky design idea about a little travelling monster, who hops between cities and forests. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with! One of Carolina’s music videos will also be screened as part of the animation, head over their website for the full schedule.

About the Artist

Lucilux (or Carolina Cruz) is an illustrator, animator and designer based in Berlin. Her varied body of work includes short animation films, package design, gallery exhibitions, stage design, street-art, flipbooks, custom fashion prints and urban fashion collections.

Carolina grew up in Santiago de Chili. She played a lot of video games as a kid and believes that this is where her love of animation and design stemmed from! Carolina studied Interior Design in Chile and then went on to complete a degree in Industrial and Textile Design at the renowned School of Arts Escola Masasana in Barcelona.

Carolina has contributed to Pound Magazine, Chile and to the illustrative Alfa Romeo art collection. She was also involved with the feature length documentary 138 Segons by Director Joan Lopez Lloret. A recent project with which Carolina was involved, Spätkauf Kunstaktion in Berlin Kreuzberg, saw 20 late-night shops transformed into temporary exhibition spaces – each shop designed by a different artist.

Some of her recent Projects include the Spätkauf Kunstaktion in Berlin Kreuzberg, a social art and music event in the city’s hippest neighbourhood. She has also contributed to Pound Magazine, Chile; to the illustrative Alfa Romeo art collection and worked on the feature length documentary 138 Segons by Evohé Films Barcelona by Director Joan Lopez Lloret.

The Artist

Carolina Cruz

Carolina Cruz