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In 2017, Sonal and Sandro joined our Clink Bloggers event in Amsterdam and have written an amazing article on their experience, so if you’re planning a trip, check out A Hipster’s Guide to Amsterdam Noord beforehand…

Check out their YouTube video about their time on Europe’s Highest Swing on top of Amsterdam’s A’dam tower… It’s “INSANE” according to Drifter Planet themselves!

If you want to know more about Drifter Planet, like their motto, the destinations and music festivals they’ve been to, head to their blog it’s full of great content that won’t disappoint!

About the Artist

Drifter Planet aka Sonal & Sandro are digital nomads and travel addicts… In fact, it was their love for travel that led them to meet each other (a few years back in Thailand) and now they are married!

The Artist

Sonal & Sandro – Bloggers

Sonal & Sandro – Bloggers