About this Event

Euge Louisa is part of art collective XYZ AMS who help artists by providing them with creative spaces in which to work and exhibit. Through our partnership with XYZ AMS we have some amazing paintings exhibited throughout the hostel that are ready and waiting for you to come and check out!

We’re really proud to be exhibiting three works that are a result of a collaboration between Euge Louisa and Bo Bosk – ‘A Simply Idea,’ ‘BBC’ and ‘King Ali.’ You can find them in the library at ClinkNOORD – just ask one of the team to point you in the right direction!


About the Artist

Euge Louisa is a promising self-taught artist in full development. He is a natural born creator who is ignoring conventional art movements and labels.
Euge Louisa has a special kind of ‘super power’ called Synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory leads to an experience in a second sensory. Euge’s gift is that he sees sounds. Music, laughter, street noise, Louisa can visualise it and capture it on canvas.

His ‘super power’ is so strong that it has firm control over his creation process. He keeps surprising himself as well as the audience. Euge’s paintings are rich in diversity and characterised by the use of contrasting colours and paint drop technique. The works are pieces of beautifully organised chaos.

Euge Louisa is part of studio XYZ AMS, an art collective that provides creatively stimulating spaces and environments by offering artists workspaces.