About this Event

Farm Prod, a Brussels based art collective, is invited by Street Art Today to work at their warehouse on large canvasses. During that time they will also create a (not so large) piece for ClinkNOORD that will be hung in one of our private rooms. We can’t wait to see what they get up to!


About the Artist

The “FARM PROD” art collective gathers artists from various horizons around a common passion: painting. Influenced by street art as much as contemporary art. The “FARM PROD” members are constantly experimenting with new themes and processes.

The complementary nature of the members is important – it enables the group to address various approaches and to expand the possibilities of what they can achieve together.

The group has had the opportunity to use their talents in Belgium and abroad through live-paintings, exhibitions, and socio-cultural events.

The Artist

Farm Prod

Farm Prod