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Katie Dawes (AKA The Hostel Girl) has worked with us at Clink Hostels for many years. During Katie’s latest stay with us, she wrote two brilliant articles for us about great things to do in Amsterdam.

Have a read of “24 Hours in Amsterdam Noord by Bike” to find out about loads of the local restaurants, cafes and art locations around the ClinkNOORD neighbourhood.

For all you book worms check out “5 of the Best English Book Shops in Amsterdam“. With world book day on 20th March 2017, Katie wrote this fantastic blog on the best places for you to go in Amsterdam to go to get your literary fix.

Thanks Katie for coming to Stay & Scribble!

About the Artist

Katie graduated University and realised she didn’t want to use all those years of work experience and networking by holing up in an office for the foreseeable future. Most people she knows live in London, and whilst she misses them greatly(!)… She’d rather be getting to know new cities and meeting new people from all over the world!

After a summer spent fulfilling a lifetime goal (learning to surf!!) She returned home and began looking for hostel jobs. Katie didn’t have a lot of savings so she figured she would need a paid one… and luckily there was an advertisement for a paid hostel receptionist role in Budapest!

Katie had never been, but she figured it was a city like any else, right? A week after applying Katie was living in a city she’d never experienced, hearing a language she’d never heard before, living with people she’d never met, and on the whole just having a fun time!

The Artist

Katie Dawes (AKA The Hostel Girl)

Katie Dawes (AKA The Hostel Girl)