About this Event

ClinkNOORD collaborates with art collective XYZ AMS. They help artists in the city find creative spaces to work and exhibit. This means we’re lucky enough to have different paintings exhibited throughout the hostel, all selected by ClinkNOOD and XYZ AMS. Marlou Fernanda is one of the fantastic artists that are part of this art collective.

During her stay with us, Fernanda will be finalising her last few pieces for the COUP D’ETAT exhibition presented by studio XYZ AMS. As part of our Stay & Create program, she is also creating ClinkNOORD. That paintings you can see next to the CatalystCAFE at ClinkNOORD.



About the Artist

Marlou Fernanda is born from a Brazilian father and a Curaçaoan mother. Her ‘artistic birth’ and self-development originates in Rotterdam. When she sees an empty canvas Marlou Fernanda is compelled to cover it with paint. Her thoughts form a deeper level for her work, and each detail symbolises a stage of life.

Every colour her paintbrush touches is selected on intuition and feeling. As a result she embraces her comfort zone, where she reflects on herself and her environment. She successfully adds warmth to her subject and gently forces you to fix your eyes on her paintings. Marlou Fernanda is just 19-years old and already striving to create timeless art pieces.

The Artist

Marlou Fernanda

Marlou Fernanda