About this Event

If you’re looking for a classy, relaxed way to start your Saturday night then look no further! Acclaimed jazz singer Monta Tupčijenko will be at ZincBAR, delivering a soulful show for hostel guests.

With performances at ‘North Sea Round Town,”Brass & Jazz’ and ‘Saulkrasti Jazz’ under her belt, this seasoned performer will soon have you under her spell.

About the Artist

Monta Tupčijenko is a pop/rock/jazz singer and a vocal coach from Latvia, currently living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Monta’s music education began with classical piano lessons at the Valmiera Music School when she was 9. She’s been singing since then too and, in 2013, earned her degree in Jazz and Popular Music. Monta has performed with various bands since 2011 including ‘The Quinters’, ‘Body and Soul’ and ‘Let’s Groove.’

Monta is currently studying Jazz Composition at Codarts University for the Arts and working with different musicians on various projects for both original and cover music.


The Artist

Monta Tupčijenko

Monta Tupčijenko