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No Rain Today Exhibition with artist Rinzo in C-LAB in May and June

During his exhibition ‘No Rain Today’, Rinzo will paint and draw tourists, take inspiration from the world of travel and host some workshops at ClinkNOORD.

Over the years, Rinzo has travelled to many places and painted many people and situations on the road. He believes in the power of travel to opens minds and broaden horizons. He says: ‘It is good for your mind and for your body, and very good to find new inspiration!’

Every day after working in his studio, Rinzo goes to the city or in to nature to find something new because it keeps my mind fresh. His hope is to inspire a as many people as possible with his paintings and drawings and, as he will be painting at ClinkNOORD during the exhibition, hostel guests can have the pleasure of seeing Rinzo at work. Feel free to ask questions, come with ideas. ‘We will have a great time together!’ says the man himself.

In May there will be workshops running every Thursday with the theme ‘Paint a Portrait” where you will learn how to paint a colorful portrait – maybe of a new friend?!

The theme for June’s workshops will be ‘Paint your holiday’ where you’ll be receive guidance from Rinzo and create a painting of your holiday in Amsterdam. Feel free to express yourself in bright colours!

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