About this Event

When we heard the first tunes of these musical minds at their first ever gig ever last year, we knew this was going to be something special. Since then we have been waiting to share their electric music vibes with you.  We are happy to finally have these new kinds on the block on our stage!

After their first performance they played mostly gigs in their hometown Utrecht and at a few different festivals and we think that will only grow in the next year.  So make sure to follow them!

Be ready for a evening with dreamy and steamy electronics.


About the Artist

People have mistaken Onegg for a group of dj’s turning tables, but you’ll find  no turn tables on their stage! This double act, made up of Marysia on key board and Ewa on beats, work only with analogue synthesizers and drum computers to make harmonic electronics. Their performances are always live.




The Artist