About this Event

From now until September, the brilliant artist, Rafael Jonnier will be staying with us while he does some of his own work in and around the hostel.

He is a fantastic artist and has a great eye for fun and unique styles. Check him out while staying with us at ClinkNOORD!

About the Artist

Using recyclable materials such as cardboard, Jonnier intends to pay homage to the plastic artist Cuiabano, João Sebastião Costa, who died in 2016. With works known worldwide for bringing elements and colors of the culture of Mato Grosso, João Sebastião always valued the animals of the Pantanal, -painted, which often appears with the face of a woman.

“I want to remember this artist who made a lot of difference in my artistic career, being a great friend, helping me and encouraging me, so this exhibition will also be inspired by jaguars,”

Rafael began his career painting Pop Art, passed the graphite and his exhibition Fishing Dreams brought a production different from what people were accustomed to see in his works, reflecting the change in his style.

The Artist