About this Event

Katherina Konte  is a talented illustrator who’ll be coming to stay at ClinkNOORD and paint the walls of some of our private rooms. Over the course of a week, Katherina will set up ‘studio’ at the hostel and take her trusty Molotow pens to the walls, injecting a good dose of colour and creativity into each room. We can’t wait to see how it looks!

About the Artist

Born and raised in Munich, Katherina studied graphic design and went on to work in the fashion and photography industry. After working in various agencies for seven years, she decided to set up as an independent illustrator. Over the past few years she’s worked on children’s books and magazines and is now placing much of her focus on window and wall design. Katherina loves to travel, and draws inspiration from the art, architecture and culture in the different countries she visits. Her husband Ben and son Oscar inspire her every day!

The Artist

Katherina Konte

Katherina Konte