About this Event

XYZ AMS has been occupying our C-Lab for six months with artists from the collective. One of these artists is Steven Sikkens, who will be working on a new piece in our C-Lab for the whole month of January.

ClinkNOORD collaborates with art collective XYZ AMS.  Artists from the collective have been using C-Lab and we have different paintings exhibited throughout the hostel, all selected by ClinkNOORD and XYZ AMS. Steven Sikkens is one of the incredible artists that are part of this art collective.

We are proud to also exhibit Nefertiti’s Family and Jump by Steven Sikkens as part of our Installations program in our Library at ClinkNOORD.

About the Artist

Steven Sikkens is a doctor and a self-trained painter and part of XYZ AMS, an art collective that provides creatively stimulating spaces and environments by offering artists work spaces.

Steven Sikkens’ paintings emerge from a need for paradoxes. Always seeking contrasts of themes and colours, he brings apparent opposites together to create beautiful hybrid paintings. Sikkens’ works are characterised by a strong sense of urgency, eloquence and emotional complexity.

Steven Sikkens advocates for the healing-power of art – both for the painter and his audience.

‘Jump’ by Steven Sikkens

Event Report

The brilliant Steven Sikkens worked in C-Lab earlier this year and was part of the XYZ AMS Art Collective…

He tells us about his style being a ‘mystery’ and that Amsterdam is one of the best places to be in terms of individual style.

Watch this video and find out how his inspiration comes from his cosmic identity…

The Artist

Steven Sikkens

Steven Sikkens