About this Event

Susan Van Ham has been playing around with images since 2009. In her work, van Ham splices two faces together to create a whole picture: hers and one from a magazine. She taps into that feeling everyone has experienced – of seeing a beautiful or special face and thinking: “I wish I’d look like that.”

In her series of portraits, she aims to get under the skin of the subject, letting go of her own identity and blending it with another. She can take the form of a movie star, model or musician. Man or woman.

Come and enjoy the exhibition in our C-Lab.

About the Artist

Susan van Ham (August 9, 1975 Heemskerk) grew up in the province North-Holland and graduated in 2006 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Fine Arts and Design. Since then she has had several solo exhibitions, and since 2014 has been focusing on her photographic art project “Me, Myself and I “Are All in Love with You.”


The Artist

Susan van Ham

Susan van Ham