What is Installations?

So you’re an up-and coming artist but you haven’t got anywhere to showcase your work? Step this way, dear friend! Our ‘Installations’ programme provides spaces for emerging artistic talent to display their art and share it with a wider audience. Imagine our hostels as big canvases – our walls and halls are there for the taking! Installations are fixed pieces on the walls (or floors or ceilings!) that will stay in place for a number of months or years.

Is Installations for me?

Just a few Installations that have found their way into ClinkNOORD are – a hand-crafted Viking ship sailing through our ClinkNOORD atrium, vibrant geometric murals on the walls of ZincBAR, street styles in the Clink78 kitchen and various canvases from Studio XYZ and Ottograph in the ClinkNOORD café and reception. We’re open to new ideas and collaborations so if you’ve got a piece of work that needs a space to breathe, or an artistic concept that’s dying to leap onto a wall, then tell us about your work!

‘The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.’

- Jerzy Kosinski

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