What is Stay & Play?

For bands and artists hoping to make it in the music industry, touring is the best way to build a fan base and play to new audiences. However, it doesn’t come cheap and that means that some great acts miss out on playing in Europe’s buzzing music capitals. The idea behind Stay & Play is simple – you perform for our guests at one of our in-house bars and we’ll put you up for two nights.

Is Stay & Play for me?

To give you a chance to play some other cool spots around the city, we can help sort out discounts on future nights at the hostel. We can’t promise 77+ million record sales, a headline slot at Glastonbury, and a break-up that blows up the internet; but if you’re looking to get some international exposure in some of music’s most important cities, then Stay & Play might be for you.

‘If music be the food of love, play on’

- William Shakespeare

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